Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sketch Note Taking

Have you ever tried to take notes and felt like you missed something or didn't write something down? Try Sketch Note Taking! 

Notes are to capture important ideas for future reference. So, what do you do when you don't know how to spell the words you want to write and you miss something really important because you're behind a couple parts? Try Sketch Notes! 

Our class tried to take some notes on the story The Curious Garden. As Mrs. Sihabouth read the book aloud to the class (hiding the pictures) students drew what they saw in their heads onto their paper. After we took notes, we read the book again showing the students the pictures that the illustrator drew. It was really cool to see the connection between the story images and the student drawings. 

Students partnered up to retell the story using their sketch notes.
Here are a couple examples of their sketch notes:

For some students, we found this to be a challenging activity but at a good challenge. It kept everyone engaged and focused. It also had students really thinking and creating their own mind movie of the book they were being read. 

Some of Our Favorite Parts of the Curious Garden

Gabriel: It was the guy watering the garden.
Jolie: The part when everyone helped the garden.
Morgan: All the kids were helping him make the garden.
Robbie: When the garden grew on all the houses.
Karan: The cover.
Ava: When he was a little boy and he started planting the garden.
Jude: When he found the garden.
Anthony: When he grew the garden.
Nolan: When he grew up to be a real gardener.
Ekantika: When the city was covered with the garden.
Cameron: When the garden grew bigger and bigger.
Loren: When the plants ended up in all sorts of places.
Monroe: When it started small and turned in to a giant garden.
Carter: When the town covered in gas and it changed to green.
Emma: It was pretty.
Jordan: When I drew the rail way.
Amarion: When he grew the big tree. 
Isabel: When he first saw the garden.
Airabella: When the boy grew bigger and the garden grew bigger.
Elsid: When he was watering the small tree and it turned into a really big tree.
Tania: When the city grew into the garden.
Shyloah: When he went up the stairs and found the little garden. 
Evelyn: I liked when the flowers were pretty.
Luke: The front page. 
Hayden: The flowers bloomed. 
Citalli: When the flowers grew big.
Austin: When saw the garden. 

We loved this activity and are looking forward to doing it more with the class throughout the year.

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